An Evolving Bibliography

Here you'll find an annotated list of works about American children, books, juvenile magazines, and society between 1800 and 1872. It's a work in progress which I add to as I find sources.

While works are listed alphabetically by last name of the authors, I've decided to use the properties of Web pages by listing them first name last name (instead of last name, first name). Simply use Control-F and type in the person's name.

These bibliographies were prepared with the aid of Dr. Deidre Johnson; visit her web page at 19th Century Girls' Series.

Works of social history, a wide-ranging and eccentric list of works about 19th-century American society.

Works about children and child rearing

Works about their books and reading

Works about their magazines, especially Robert Merry's Museum.

Works about Samuel G. Goodrich, "Peter Parley" and creator of the Museum.

Works by Samuel G. Goodrich

Works not by Samuel G. Goodrich

Works by Jacob Abbott, author of the extremely popular Rollo books.

examples of type

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