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American children’s periodicals by title, 1789-1872

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[NOTES: Titles of periodicals are alphabetized by the first title under which the periodical was published. All titles of each periodical are included, followed by beginning and end dates of publication. When the publishing dates of two periodicals with the same title overlap, the place of publication is listed.]

The Acorn (1839-1840)

Ke Alaula (April 1866-March 1873)

American Boy’s Magazine • Philadelphia Monthly (June 1870-May 1872)

Apples of Gold (1871-1917)

The Asteroid (1 Aug 1848-after July 1849?)

Band of Hope Visitor (1859)

The Baptist Tract and Youth’s Magazine • Baptist Tract Magazine (July 1827-Dec 1835)

The Bee (9 March 1844-22 April 1845)

The Bouquet (Dec 1841-23 Dec 1843)

The Boys’ and Girls’ Journal • The Boys’ and Girls’ Weekly Penny Journal • The Boys’ and Girls’ Penny Journal • Fithian’s Magazine for Girls and Boys • Fithian’s Miniature Magazine: A Student Manual and Fireside Miscellany Devoted to the Useful and Beautiful (Jan 1848-at least 1854)

Boys’ and Girls’ Literary Bouquet • Boys’ and Girls’ Monthly Bouquet • Boys’ and Girls’ Bouquet (Nov 1842-Dec 1845)

The Boys’ and Girls’ Literary Journal (also, The Boys and Girls Literary Journal) (June-after Aug 1868)

Boys’ and Girls’ Magazine • Boys’ & Girls’ Monthly Library (Jan 1843-after March 1844)

The Boys’ and Girls’ Magazine, and Fireside Companion • Forrester’s Boys’ and Girls’ Magazine, and Fireside Companion (Jan 1848-Dec 1857)

Boys’ and Girls’ New Monthly Magazine (July 1868-)

The Boys and Girls Own Magazine (Jan 1859-Dec 1861)

Boys’ and Girls’ Weekly Catholic Magazine • Boys’ and Girls’ Catholic Magazine • Catholic Weekly Instructor • Weekly Catholic Instructor (6 June 1846-1851)

The Boys’ Daily Journal • Boys’ Journal (Aug 1854-1857)

Boys’ Journal (July 1868-after 1871?)

Boys’ Ledger (1872-1873?)

Boys’ Monthly Gazette (May 1857-April 1858)

The Bright Side • Bright Side and Family Circle (July 1869-after 29 June 1873)

The Bubble (1849?)

Burke’s Weekly for Boys and Girls • Burke’s Magazine for Boys and Girls (6 July 1867-Dec 1871)

The Busy Bee (Nov 1866-after Feb 1874)

The Cadet of Temperance (1852)

The Cadet’s Companion (1851)

California Youths’ Companion • Pacific Pioneer and Youth’s Literary Companion (3 Dec 1864-after 27 Jan 1867)

The Carrier Dove (Sept 1853-Dec 1877)

The Catholic Youth’s Magazine (Sept 1857-Aug 1861)

The Child at Home (Dec 1859-1879?)

Child’s Banner • The Children’s Banner (15 Feb 1865-1865)

The Child’s Cabinet (1832)

The Child’s Casket (also, Children’s Casket) (March-Sept? 1863)

Child’s Companion (1838-Tenth month 1839)

The Child’s Companion and Youth’s Friend (also The Child’s Companion and Truth’s Friend) (Jan 1845-after 1870)

The Child’s Friend • The Child’s Friend and Youth’s Magazine • The Child’s Friend and Family Magazine (Oct 1843-Oct 1858)

The Child’s Friend (1872-after 1873)

Child’s Gazette” (1843)

The Child’s Gospel Guide (1847-1849)

The Child’s Index • Child’s Delight (Sept 1862-1869)

The Child’s Magazine (July 1827-1844)

The Child’s Magazine (May 1857-April 1858)

The Child’s Newspaper (7 Jan-Sept 1834)

The Child’s Paper (Jan 1852-1897?)

The Child’s Universalist Gazette, and Monthly Visiter (also, The Child’s Universalist Gazette, and Monthly Visitor) • The Child’s Gazette (12 July 1834, Jan 1835)

Child’s World • Youth’s World (1862-after 1884)

Children of the West (1868-1869)

Children’s Advent Herald • Youth’s Guide (May 1846-1860?)

The Children’s Argus (June-after Nov 1870)

Children’s Banner (Syracuse, New York; 1857-after 1885)

Children’s Banner • The Life Boat (Raleigh, North Carolina; April-after July 1867)

The Children’s Book of Choice and Entertaining Reading for the Little Folks at Home (also, The Children’s Monthly Book) (Jan 1855-April 1860)

The Children’s Catholic Magazine (March 1838-Feb 1840)

Children’s Friend (Jan 1826-1827?)

Children’s Friend • The Child’s Friend (April 1851-after Nov 1853)

The Children’s Friend • Friend for Boys and Girls (Dayton, Ohio; 1854-1917)

Children’s Friend (Nashville, Tennessee; June 1859-after Oct 1861)

The Children’s Friend (Richmond, Virginia; Aug 1862-1 Feb 1865, 1866-June 1915)

The Children’s Friend (West Chester, Pennsylvania; Fifth month [May] 1866-Twelfth month [Dec] 1887)

The Children’s Friend (Louisville, Kentucky; May 1867-after July 1870)

The Children’s Friend (Lexington, Kentucky; 1868-after 1878)

Children’s Guest (Jan 1860-Dec 1870)

Children’s Guide (July 1863-Aug 1865)

The Children’s Hour (Jan 1867-June 1874)

Children’s Magazine (Jan-April 1789)

The Children’s Magazine (Jan 1829-1874)

The Children’s Paper (Jan 1871-after 1873)

Christian Sunday School Journal • The Christian Sunday-School Journal (May 1851-after May 1852)

Der Christliche Kinderzeitung • Christliche Kinderfreund (Cleveland, Ohio; June 1856-after 1879)

Die Christliche Kinderzeitung (St. Louis, Missouri; 1867-1885?)

Classical Journal and Scholar’s Review • Juvenile Rambler • Juvenile Rambler, or, Family and School Journal (Jan 1830-26 Dec 1833)

Cold Water Army and Youth’s Picnic • Cold Water Army (Aug 1841-1843)

The Cold Water Boy (1842-1843)

The Cold Water Girl (1842-1843)

Companion for Youth (17 Nov 1838-11 May 1839)

The Dawn (1 May-1 Oct, 1 Nov 1822)

The Dayspring • Youth’s Dayspring (Jan 1842-Dec 1855)

The Deaf Mute Casket (1860-after 1870)

Demorest’s Young America (Nov 1866-1875)

The Eastern Rose-Bud • Eastern Rose-Bud and Sabbath School Companion (6 March 1841-22 April 1843)

The Encourager (Dec 1844-1847?)

Every Boy’s Magazine (1871)

Every Youth’s Gazette • Youth’s Gazette • Peter Parley’s Youth’s Gazette (22 Jan-31 Dec 1842)

The Excelsior (1858)

The Experiment: a Juvenile Monthly (Jan 1864-)

Expostulator, or Young Catholic’s Guide (31 March 1830-23 March 1831)

Family and School Visitor (Jan 1839-before 31 July 1839)

The Family School (Sept, Nov 1836)

The Favourite Magazine of Instruction and Amusement for Boys and Girls • The Favorite (April-Sept 1852)

Fireside Miscellany and Young People’s Encyclopedia (Sept 1850-July 1851)

The Flower Basket • Flower Basket; or Youth’s Magazine • The Flower Basket; or Youth’s Monthly Monitor (Oct 1850?-March 1852)

The Fly; or Juvenile Miscellany (16 Oct 1805-2 April 1806)

Forest Garland (1853-1854)

The Fountain (after June 1860)

Frank Leslie’s Children’s Friend • Frank Leslie’s Boys’ and Girls’ Illustrated Weekly • Frank Leslie’s Boys’ and Girls’ Weekly (April 1866-9 Feb 1884)

The Friend of Youth (March 1839-1839)

Friend of Youth (Nov 1849-Oct 1852)

The Genius of Youth (1 June 1852-mid/late 1852)

Die Glocke (The bell) • Sonntagschul Glocke (Sunday-school bell) (about 1856-1900?)

Golden Hours (Jan 1869-1880)

The Golden Rule (May 1846-)

Good Words for the Children (1872-after 1878)

Good Words for the Young (Nov 1868-Oct 1872)

The Guardian, or Youth’s Religious Instructor (Jan 1819-Dec 1824)

The Guardian (1 Sept-15 Nov 1833)

The Guardian and Monitor (Jan 1825-Dec 1828)

Guardian Angel (1867-after 1884)

The Guiding Star: A Sunday Paper for Boys and Girls (4 July 1868-1873)

Happy Hours (1871-1872)

Hebrew Sabbath School Companion (1872)

The Hive (27 Sept 1828-20 Sept 1830)

The Home Gem (Jan 1859-after Feb 1860)

I Will Try (May 1859-after Oct 1860)

The Infants’ Delight • Infants’ Delight (1870-after Dec 1872)

The Infants’ Magazine (Jan 1829-Dec 1842)

Der Jugend-Freund aller Christlichen Benennungen • Christen-Bote und Jugend-Freund • Jugend-Freund und Christen-Bote • Der Jugend-Freund • Der Jugend-Freund und Illustrierte JugendBlätter (16 June 1847-after 1917)

Der Jugend-Pilger (1870-1914?)

Jugend-Zeitung (1843-1845)

The Junior (June 1869-after Nov 1870)

The Juvenile Depository, or Youth’s Mental Casket • Youth’s Mental Casket, and Literary Star • Casket and Star (July 1838-1842?)

Juvenile Gazette (1818)

Juvenile Gazette (Nov 1819-Jan 1820?)

Juvenile Gazette (24 Nov 1827-15 Nov 1828)

Juvenile Gazette (May 1827-1828)

Juvenile Gazette (2 July 1831-)

Juvenile Gazette (Dec 1833)

Juvenile Gazette (18 March 1848-?)

Juvenile Instructor (1844-1867)

The Juvenile Instructor • Instructor • New Era (1 Jan 1866-present)

The Juvenile Key • Family Pioneer and Juvenile Key (18 Sept 1830-23 May 1837)

The Juvenile Lyceum (21 Jan 1837-after 25 April 1837?)

The Juvenile Magazine, or Miscellaneous Repository of Useful Information (1802)

The Juvenile Magazine (May-June 1811, July-Aug 1813)

The Juvenile Magazine (April 1823)

The Juvenile Magazine (27 Jan 1827-Dec 1828)

Juvenile Magazine, and Youth’s Monthly Visiter (Oct 1830, Feb 1831-after April 1832)

Juvenile Mirror and Youth’s Literary Companion (1841)

The Juvenile Miscellany (Sept 1826-Feb 1836, April 1836)

The Juvenile Missionary Intelligencer (March 1835-Feb 1838)

Juvenile Museum (16 Sept 1822-27 Sept 1823)

Juvenile Museum (1829)

Juvenile Port-folio and Literary Miscellany (17 Oct 1812-7 Dec 1816)

The Juvenile Reformer and Sabbath School Instructor (27 May 1835-13 May 1836)

The Juvenile Repertory (Sept 1828-Jan 1829?)

The Juvenile Repository (4 May 1822-28 June 1823)

The Juvenile Repository (Jan-27 March 1830)

The Juvenile Repository (6 July 1833-1834?)

The Juvenile Temperance Watchman • Juvenile Watchman (2 Jan 1854-)

Juvenile Watchman (8 March, 26 April 1833-1835)

The Juvenile Weekly Gazette (9 Feb 1850-13 Dec 1851)

The Juvenile Wesleyan (1843-1852?)

Kind Words for the Sunday School Children • Kind Words, the Child’s Delight (Jan 1866-29 Sept 1929)

Der Kinder-Bote (1871-?)

Der Kinderfreund (1872-1874?)

Kinderzeitung (15 April 1859-15 March 1862)

Ke Kumu Kamalii (Jan-Dec 1837)

Der Lämmer-Hirte • Der Lämmerhirt • Der Lämmer Hirte • Der Lammerhirte • Lammerherte (1857-1940)

The Laurel Wreath (1872?-after 1874)

The Literary Kaleidoscope (1822)

Little American (1 Oct 1862-1864)

Little Bouquet • Little Bouquets • Lyceum Banner • Little Bouquet (15 May 1866-after Dec 1876)

The Little Chief (Jan 1867-Feb 1872)

Little Christian (1871-1904?)

The Little Corporal (July 1865-April 1875)

The Little Corporal’s School Festival • School Festival • National School Festival (Jan 1870-1874)

The Little Folks (1869-1877)

The Little Forester (Jan 1854-Oct 1855)

The Little Gleaner (Aug 1867-1871?)

Little Messenger (July 1868-1 Aug 1873)

The Little Missionary (Dec 1870-1920)

The Little-Pig Monthly (also, The Little Pig Monthly) (May, July 1859)

The Little Pilgrim (Oct 1853-April 1869)

The Little Pioneer (Jan 1860-1861?)

The Little Schoolmate (Dec 1870-Jan 1876; May 1876)

The Little Sower (Jan 1865-1886)

The Little Sunbeam (also, Sunbeam) (June-after Nov 1869)

Little Traveler (Waynesville, Ohio; 1853-1855)

The Little Traveler (Cincinnati, Ohio; Nov 1854-after Dec 1854)

Little Truth-Teller: A New-Church Magazine for Children (Nov 1845-1852)

The Little Watchman (1870-1876)

The Little Wolverine (1854-?)

Loving Words for Children (1871-after 1872)

The Lutheran Sunday-School Herald (Jan 1860-Dec 1910)

Lutherisches Kinder- und Jugendblatt (Jan 1871-Dec 1938)

The Maine Spectator • The Spectator (Jan 8-June 1859)

The Mentor and Youth’s Instructive Companion (15 Dec 1830-after Jan 1831)

The Mentor (May 1850-Dec 1851?)

The Minnesota Pupil • The Minnesota Pupil and Youth’s National Gazette (Dec 1868-after 1872)

The Missionary (1839)

The Missionary News (1837-)

Missionary Visitor • Children’s Visitor (1865-1901)

Monday Express (in 1852)

The Monitor (Jan 1823-Dec 1824)

Monthly Instructor and Fire Side Companion • Forrester’s Playmate • Youth’s Casket and Playmate (July 1854-after Jan 1868)

Monthly Preceptor; or, Universal Repository of Knowledge, Instruction and Amusement (1815)

The Monthly Repository and Library of Entertaining Knowledge (June 1830-1835)

The Monthly Rose (also, the Albany Monthly Rose) (Jan-Dec 1845)

The Monthly Rose • The Monthly Rose, and Literary Cabinet • The Monthly Rose, and Otis School Cabinet • The Monthly Rose, and School Cabinet • The Monthly Rose, and Literary Cabinet • The Monthly Rose (July 1845-after Nov 1847)

The Monthly School Visitor • Clark’s School Visitor • Our Schoolday Visitor • The Schoolday Visitor Magazine • The Schoolday Magazine (1 April 1857-15 April 1875)

Monthly Voice (Jan 1862-Aug 1863, Dec 1863-Jan 1864, April 1864)

The Moral and Religious Repository; or Youth’s Christian Monitor • The Moral and Religious Repository, and Youth’s Christian Monitor • Youth’s Christian Monitor (9 July 1824-)

Morning Light (Jan 1871-after Jan 1877)

The Mt. Vernon Enterprise (1847-?)

The Mountain Rill (April 1845-after May 1845)

The Myrtle (Dover, New Hampshire; 17 May 1845-31 Dec 1904)

The Myrtle (Boston, Massachusetts; 2 Aug 1851-1918)

New Church Magazine for American Children • The Children’s New-Church Magazine (Jan 1843-1891?)

The Nursery (Jan 1867-Oct 1880)

The Ohio Cadet (1852)

Oliver Optic’s Magazine: Our Boys and Girls • Oliver Optic’s Magazine (5 Jan 1867-Dec 1875)

Onward • Mayne Reid’s Magazine Onward (Jan 1869-Feb 1870)

Our Friend (25 Dec 1865-1906?)

Our Leisure Moments (Feb-Dec 1870)

Our Little Ones • Story World (1872-after 31 Aug 1969)

Our Little People • Our Little People Quarterly (Jan 1871-1934)

Our Paper (1861)

Our Young Folks (Jan 1865-Dec 1873)

Our Young Folks’ Illustrated Paper (1 Oct 1871-15 Dec 1873)

The Pacific Youth (1870-1872)

The Parent’s Gift; or Youth’s Magazine (Jan 1830-after Aug 1832)

Parley’s Magazine (16 March 1833-1844)

The Pastor’s Helper • The Child’s Treasury (Jan 1859-after 1903)

The Penny Library for School Children (1 April-3 June 1845)

Picture Lesson Paper • The Picture Story Paper (Jan 1870-1941)

The Pierian (Jan-Sept 1843)

Pioneer (4 May 1857-13 Oct 1858)

The Pious Youth (Jan 1870-Dec 1871)

The Playmate (Sept 1847-May 1848)

The Portfolio (June-Sept 1861)

The Pupil: A Monthly Treasury for School Children (Oct 1855-March 1856?)

Pupil’s Monitor (7 Dec 1833-8 Nov 1834)

Republication of Parley’s Magazine (1857)

Riverside Magazine for Young People (Jan 1867-Dec 1870)

Robert Merry’s Museum (Feb 1841-Nov 1872)

The Rose Bud (March 1832-after Feb 1834?)

Rose Bud, or Youth’s Gazette • Southern Rose Bud • Southern Rose (11 Aug 1832-17 Aug 1839)

Sabbath School Contributor • Light of Zion, and Sabbath School Contributor (6 June 1839-22 June 1843)

The Sabbath School Friend (1840?-)

The Sabbath School Gem (1863-1864, 1869-1873)

The Sabbath School Gem (Nashville, Tennessee; June 1867-after 1891)

Sabbath School Magazine (1832)

The Sabbath School Messenger, and Children’s Friend (Oct 1828-Sept 1829?)

The Sabbath School Messenger, and Children’s Friend (1 May 1831-1832?)

Sabbath School Messenger (June 1837-16 April 1846)

The Sabbath School Monitor • Sunday School Monitor • Light Ship and Sabbath School Monitor (1840-1846 or 1847)

The Sabbath School Repository and Teacher’s Assistant (Jan-Dec 1823)

The Sabbath School Repository (1841)

Sabbath School Star (Feb 1863-after 1870)

Sabbath School Visitant (June 1824-1828)

The Sabbath School Visitant and Juvenile Magazine • Western Sabbath School Visitant, and Juvenile Magazine (10 Jan-31 Dec 1829)

The Sabbath School Visiter (1833-Dec 1843)

Sabbath School Visiter (May 1846-)

Sabbath School Visitor • Presbyterian Sabbath School Visitor (1 Jan 1851-26 Sept 1909)

St. Alfonso’s Angel (perhaps, St. Alphonsus’ Angel) (in 1865)

Sargent’s School Monthly (Jan-Dec 1858)

The Satchel (Feb 1846-1847)

The Satchel (Feb-May 1849)

Scattered Seeds (Fifth month (May) 1869-1935)

The Scholar’s Gazette • Scholar’s Weekly Gazette (13 April 1831-1832)

The Scholar’s Penny Gazette (29 April 1848-17 Aug 1850)

The Scholar’s Quarterly Journal • Scholar’s Journal (Feb 1828-15 Nov 1829)

The Scholars’ Leaf of the Tree of Knowledge (6 Jan 1849-16 Dec 1850)

The School and Family Visitor (15 April-Sept 1864)

The School and Fireside (11 Jan 1867-March 1868)

School Reader (1842)

The Schoolfellow (Jan 1849-Sept 1857)

The Schoolmate (Feb 1852-Oct 1855)

Der Schul- und Hausfreund (1853-)

Schul- und Jugend-Zeitung (about 1855)

Der Schutzengel (1872-1875?)

Schuylkill County School Journal (Jan-Oct? 1854)

The Slave’s Friend (April 1835-before April 1839)

Southern Boys’ and Girls’ Monthly (Jan 1867-July 1868)

The Souvenir, and Youth’s Literary Messenger (Nov 1846-)

Spare Hours (Jan-Dec 1866)

The Sparkling Fount (1858-)

The Sparkling Gem (1867-after 1868)

The Standard-Bearer (1851-after 1867)

The Star of Youth (Dec 1856-1857)

The Student • The Student and Family Miscellany (Nov 1848-Oct 1855)

The Student and Schoolmate • The Student and Schoolmate, and Forrester’s Boy’s and Girl’s Magazine • The Student and Schoolmate • The Schoolmate (Nov 1855-1872)

The Student and Young Tutor (Nov 1846-Oct 1848)

The Sunday-Scholar’s Mirror (1847-1850)

The Sunday Scholars’ Magazine; or, Monthly Reward Book (Jan 1821-)

Sunday School Advocate • Sabbath School Advocate (5 Oct 1841-31 Dec 1921)

Sunday-School Banner (Jan 1859-Dec 1861)

Sunday School Children’s Magazine (1838)

Sunday School Companion (Jan 1869-1904)

Sunday School Gazette • The Dayspring (4 Aug 1849-after Dec 1879)

Sunday School Gem (Jan 1867-after 1946)

Sunday School Herald (1865-after 1926)

Sunday School Magazine (June 1835-1851)

The Sunday-School Magazine • Church School Magazine (Jan 1871-Dec 1931)

Sunday School Messenger (Cleveland, Ohio; June 1864-29 June 1947)

The Sunday School Messenger (Chicago, Illinois; 1868-after June 1875)

The Sunday School Paper for the South (May 1861-April 1862?)

The Sunday School Scholar • Scholar (Jan 1869-1876)

Sunday School Visitor • The Children’s Visitor • The Visitor (Nov 1850-Dec 1854, May 1855-March 1862, 1866-after 1921)

The Sunday Visitant; or, Weekly Repository of Christian Knowledge (3 Jan 1818-25 Dec 1819)

Die Taube (1859-1862)

Teacher’s Offering; or Sabbath’s Scholar’s Magazine • Teacher’s Offering; or Sunday Scholar’s Magazine • Youth’s Friend, and Scholar’s Magazine (Nov 1823-after 1845)

The Tutor, and Boys’ and Girls’ Weekly Album (26 Feb 1841-30 Sept 1842)

Uncle Ezekiel’s Youth’s Cabinet (May 1844-15 March 1846?)

Uncle Peter’s Juvenile Cabinet • The Youth’s Cabinet (May 1846?-?)

Union Sunday School Visitor (1850-1853?)

The Weekly Magpie (30 April?-29 Oct 1859)

The Well-spring • The Wellspring for Young People • The Well-spring and Missionary Echoes • The Wellspring (5 Jan 1844-1928)

Western Sabbath School Repository, and Friend of Youth (1833)

What Next? (March 1872-1874)

What Not (1859-1860)

Work and Play (Jan 1870-March 1872)

The Wreath (1 Nov 1842-1 June 1843)

Young America (West Chester, Pennsylvania; March 1856-after March 1858)

Young America (Cincinnati, Ohio; June 1857-after June 1858?)

Young America and Excelsior (also, The Excelsior, and Young America Magazine)(Jan-after April 1859)

Young America Monthly Magazine (Jan-Dec 1858)

Young American (2 May 1855-9 April 1856)

The Young American (7 Oct 1857-1 Sept 1858)

The Young American (Nov 1859)

The Young American (April-Dec 1869)

Young Americans (1867-1904)

The Young American’s Magazine of Self-Improvement (Jan-Dec 1847)

The Young Cadet (Aug-Oct 1872, Dec 1872-1873?)

The Young Catholic (Oct 1870-after July 1876)

The Young Catholics’ Friend (also, Young Catholic’s Friend) (6 May 1840-after 26 Dec 1840)

Young Catholic’s Friend (1865-1880?)

The Young Catholic’s Guide (May 1867-after July 1870)

Young Catholic’s Magazine (Dec 1841-1842?)

The Young Christian (Jan 1851-1859)

The Young Christian Soldier • The Young Christian Soldier and Children’s Guest • The Young Christian Soldier (Dec 1867-Dec 1911)

Young Churchman’s Miscellany (Jan 1846-Dec 1848)

The Young Crusader • Young Crusader (Jan 1869-Oct 1875?)

The Young Evangelist • The Junior World (1865-1949?)

The Young Folks Gem (Nov 1872-after Nov 1876)

Young Folks’ Friend (Sept 1868-1869)

Young Folks Journal • Little Things (March 1871-May 1874)

Young Folks’ Monitor, and The World We Live In (April 1861-after June 1861)

The Young Folks’ News (16 Dec 1868-after 1882)

Young Folks’ Rural • Young Folks’ Monthly • Young Folks’ Rural (also, Young Folks’ Rural Monthly) (Nov 1870-1883)

Young Israel • Libanon (Jan 1871-1900)

The Young Ladies’ Casket (1841-24 March 1842)

The Young Minnesotian (19 April 1869-6 Dec 1870)

The Young People’s Book (Sept 1841-Aug 1842)

Young People’s Helper • Young People’s Helper and Temperance Visitor (1862-April 1872)

Young People’s Illuminated Magazine (April-June 1857)

Young People’s Journal of Science, Literature, & Art (Nov 1848-?)

Young People’s Magazine (Jan-Dec 1846)

Young People’s Magazine (1868-1887)

The Young People’s Mirror and American Family Visitor • Young People’s Mirror • Mirror (1 Jan 1848-1 Dec 1849)

Young People’s Monthly (15 July, Aug-after Dec 1858)

The Young Pilgrim (Sept 1863-after 1925)

The Young Pilot • Young Pilot and Little Men (Nov 1870-Sept 1871)

The Young Reaper • Young Reaper (Jan 1844-1908?)

The Young Spectator (15 Third month [March]-24 Fifth month [May] 1856)

The Young Sportsman (Portsmouth, New Hampshire; 1870?-1872)

The Young Sportsman (Boston, Massachusetts; Jan 1870-?)

Youth’s Banner (1852-after May 1853)

Youth’s Cabinet (31 March-21 April 1815)

Youth’s Cabinet • New-York Teacher’s Lyceum • Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet • Woodworth’s Youth’s Cabinet and Uncle Frank’s Dollar Magazine (28 April 1837-March 1857)

The Youth’s Cabinet (1869-1871)

Youth’s Cabinet and Little Joker (April 1857-after Oct 1857)

The Youth’s Casket (early 1850-1852?)

The Youth’s Casket (Jan 1852-Dec 1857)

Youth’s Companion • Youth’s Companion and Sabbath School Recorder • Youth’s Companion (Boston, Massachusetts; Portland, Maine; 16 April 1827-Sept 1929)

Youth’s Companion, and Weekly Family Visitor • Youth’s Companion and Family Visitor (New York, New York; 1 April 1832-22 March 1834)

Youth’s Companion (Rochester, New York; 1833)

Youth’s Companion (Columbus, Georgia; 1843)

The Youth’s Eclectic (June-after Oct 1867)

The Youth’s Emancipator (May 1842, Aug 1842-Mar 1843)

Youth’s Enterprise (in 1852)

Youth’s Evangelist • The Youth’s Evangelist (Jan 1859-1930?)

Youth’s Family Instructor and Sunday School Visitor (7 Jan 1841-after May 1842)

The Youth’s Friend (El amigo de la juventud) (May 1825)

The Youth’s Friend • Youth’s Monthly Friend (also Monthly Youth’s Friend) (Cincinnati, Ohio; 6 March 1846-1860)

The Youth’s Friend (Augusta, Georgia; 8 Feb 1850-)

The Youth’s Friend (Jan 1866)

Youth’s Galaxy (Jan-June 1853)

Youth’s Gazette (13 Jan-after Feb 1827)

The Youth’s Gazette (1843-26 July 1843)

Youth’s Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 10 Twelfth month ]Dec] 1859-17 Third month [March] 1860, 8 Twelfth month [Dec] 1860-23 Third month [March] 1861)

Youth’s Gazette (New York, New York; Jan 1860-after 9 Sept 1865?)

Youth’s Gazette (1871)

Youth’s Gem (1850)

Youth’s Gem and Southern Cadet (Jan 1851-?)

Youth’s Guide and Star (Jan-July 1843)

Youth’s Guide to Piety and Virtue • Youth’s Guide to Piety and Virtue, and Literary Casket (3 Sept 1836-after 5 Aug 1837)

Youth’s Herald and Sabbath School Magazine (Jan 1829-Dec 1830)

Youth’s Instructer and Guardian • Youth’s Instructor and Sabbath School Assistant • Youth’s Instructor and Sabbath School and Bible Class Assistant (1823-1832)

The Youth’s Instructor • Instructor (Washington, District of Columbia; 1852-after Jan 14 1936)

Youth’s Instructor • Insight (Rochester, New York; Battle Creek, Michigan; Aug 1852-present?)

Youth’s Journal (Jan 1828-1829?)

Youth’s Literary Gazette (1 Dec 1832-22 Nov 1833)

Youth’s Literary Messenger (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; May 1837-April 1839)

Youth’s Literary Messenger (Albany, New York; 1838)

Youth’s Lyceum (April-after Sept 1837)

Youth’s Lyceum and Literary Gazette (1834-1836?)

Youth’s Magazine: or, Evangelical Miscellany (Jan 1818-)

Youth’s Magazine; or, Spirit of the Juvenile Miscellany (Jan-Dec 1830)

Youth’s Magazine (Cincinnati, Ohio; 30 Sept 1834-after May 1838)

Youth’s Magazine: A Monthly Miscellany (New York, New York; May 1838-April 1841)

Youth’s Magazine (May 1860-April 1861)

Youth’s Magazine and Juvenile Harp (Jan 1841-after July 1842)

Youth’s Manual • The Weekly Manual • The Youth’s Manual • The Temperance Star • The Youth’s Guide (Jan-26 June, Aug-Dec 1868, Jan-Feb, July-Oct, Dec 1869-Jan, April-12 May 1870)

Youth’s Medallion (17 April 1841-10 Dec 1842)

The Youth’s Miscellany (Utica, New York; Jan 1830-1839?)

The Youth’s Miscellany (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 27 Feb-after May 1833)

Youth’s Monitor (1840-1842)

Youth’s Monitor (1851-after 1854)

The Youth’s Monitor (Dec 1866-1867)

Youth’s Monthly Magazine (July 1850-June 1851?)

Youth’s Monthly Visitor • Youth’s Monthly Visiter (March 1844-1846)

Youth’s National Gazette (Dec 1854-after June 1856)

The Youth’s News Paper (30 Sept-4 Nov 1797)

Youth’s Penny Gazette • The Youth’s Sunday-School Gazette (also The Youth’s Sunday School Gazette) (11 Jan 1843-1861)

The Youth’s Penny Paper (May 1838-after Feb 1839)

The Youth’s Pictorial Magazine (May 1848)

Youth’s Repository of Christian Knowledge (March, Sept 1813)

Youth’s Repertory and Child’s Magazine (Sept 1831-)

Youth’s Sunday Casket (1842)

Youth’s Temperance Advocate • Youth’s Temperance Advocate and Band of Hope Recorder (Nov 1839-after May 1865)

The Youth’s Temperance Banner (Aug 1846-1846)

The Youth’s Temperance Banner (Jan 1866-1917)

Youth’s Temperance Enterprise (1842-1847)

The Youth’s Temperance Lecturer (July 1832-1833?)

The Youth’s Temperance Monitor (1 Aug 1851)

The Youth’s Temperance Visitor (Feb 1860-April 1861, Sept 1862-April 1872)

The Youth’s Visitor (Jan 1864-Oct 1872)

Youth’s Western Banner (Aug 1853-1853)

Zion’s Hope (1 July 1869-1972)

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