Table of contents for Children’s Magazine (1789)

The four issues of Children’s Magazine contained a wide variety of material: poems, stories, pieces on geography. Here you’ll find a table of contents.

Every work appearing in the Children’s Magazine in 1789 was published in London in 1788 in either The Juvenile Magazine or The Family Magazine; or, A Repository of Religious Instruction, and Rational Amusement, edited by Sarah Trimmer. Both London magazines were published by John Marshall, and bound volumes would have been available at the end of 1788 or beginning of 1789. Works reprinted from the Juvenile Magazine match month for month, so a piece published in January 1788 was reprinted in the Children’s Magazine for January 1789; pieces reprinted from the Family Magazine didn’t always match up the same way.

Reprinted pieces were sometimes “localized”: London becomes New York in one story; “a Briton” becomes “Columbia” in a poem. A section of a story which praises the British system of government vanishes when it’s published in the U. S.

The place of original publication is included here, with original title and page numbers. The Family Magazine is available at google books and the Internet Archive.

A handful of works appearing (or which probably appeared) in Children’s Magazine are transcribed at this site.

KEY: /p = piece is a poem





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