Table of contents for The Juvenile Magazine (London; 1788)

The Juvenile Magazine contained a wide variety of material: poems, stories, pieces on geography, songs, tiny plays, explanations of arithmetic. Here you’ll find a table of contents, with first lines of prose pieces and first and last lines of poems.

The Juvenile Magazine was heavily illustrated for its time. The December issue includes “Directions to the Binder” on where to place the plates; I’ve included the information from this list in the table of contents. Plates 14, 16, and 20, however, were to be bound at the end of the December issue; perhaps these maps weren’t ready for their respective issues and were provided at the end of the year. Since they were marked with the month of the issue, I’ve included them in the appropriate month.

Unfortunately, many of the plates are missing from my volumes, so I’m unable to supply the titles of all plates. However, their placement indicates the subject.

Many of the works appearing in the Juvenile Magazine were republished in the American Children’s Magazine in 1789; a table of contents” of the Children’s Magazine includes information on the reprintings.

A handful of works appearing in both periodicals are transcribed at this site.

KEY: /p = piece is a poem; /i = title is a plate; s/ = piece is a song

Titles of plates are accompanied by (artist/engraver).













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