"Mattie Bell" was a subscriber to Robert Merry's Museum; she published 20 poems in the magazine between 1858 and 1863.


OF WHAT IS THE ALPHABET COMPOSED?, by Mattie Bell (from Robert Merry's Museum, July 1858, p. 15)

Of busy Bees,
      And sparkling Eyes,
Of billowy Seas
      Ruled by the Wise.
Of shady El-ms,
      And mourning Yews,
And noisy Ohs,
      Which you must Ex-cuse.
Of blooming Peas,
      A measuring Ell,
And some so smart
      They the rest Ex-cel.

Of singing Jays,
      And vexing Tease,
Questioning "Why"
      And languid Ease
Of fragrant Tea,
      And hairy Cue,
With debtors who drawl out
And En-vy, who makes
      You grumble and fret,
Together compose
      The Alphabet.

Copyright 1999-2006, Pat Pflieger
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