This cheerful celebration of winter and the birds which love it wasn't the only snowbird song appearing in Robert Merry's Museum.

THE SNOW-BIRD (from Robert Merry's Museum, February 1848, p. 64)

music for 'The Snow-Bird'

When the leaves and flowers are dead,
When the other birds are fled,
When the winter wind is keen,
Then the snow-birds all are seen.

When the flakes are falling fast,
When the forest feels the blast,
When the drifts in circles play,
'Tis the snow-birds' holiday.

When the earth is covered deep,
When in ice the rivers sleep,
When all other things are sad,
Hark! the snow-birds' voice is glad!

When the frost is on the pane,
When the wailing winds complain,
When the boys come shivering in,
Hark! the snow-birds' cheerful din!

But when Spring, 'mid rosy light,
Bids stern Winter take his flight,
The snow-birds, in his stormy train,
Fly northward, where he holds his reign.

Copyright 1999-2006, Pat Pflieger
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