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The Museum featured works by almost every nineteenth-century writer for children, from Jacob Abbott to Sophie May; it also excerpted works for adults, among them Herman Melville. Especially during 1857-1867, the magazine printed pieces written by its subscribers: some adults, many not.

Alphabetized by author's real name (where known); use control-F to search for pseudonym. Except for Melville, ONLY SIGNED PIECES ARE LISTED HERE. Author's birth/death dates appear after the name; pseudonyms are listed just before titles, which are in alphabetical order. Number after each title is the year the piece was printed. Authors who were subscribers are marked with an asterisk (*). For page numbers, see "By title". Some works are transcribed at this site.

KEY: /i = illustrated piece; /p = piece is a poem; /s = piece is a song, with music


A. A., "Squirrel at Home, The" 50

Jacob Abbott (1803-1897) "Pistols and Bravery" 61

Mrs. Abbott, "Courtship of the Stork-Calif" 57

Rev. E. E. Adams, "Our Baby's Smile" /p/i 60

Rev. William Adams, "Declamation" 72

Agriculturist, "'Farmer I Will Be, A'" /p/i 63

Aikin, "Canut's Reproof" 55

Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) "Back Windows" /i 69; "Becky's Christmas Dream" /i 70; "Curious Call, A" /i 69; "Dan's Dinner" 69; "Fairy Bird, The" /i 72; "Little Boats, The" /i 69; "Little Gentleman, A" /i 69; "Madam Cluck, and Her Family" 69; "Marine Merry-Making, A" /i 69; "Milly's Messenger" /i 69; "My Doves" /p/i 68; "My Fourth of July" /i 69; "My Little Friend" 68; "Nautilus, The" /p 70; "Old-Fashioned Girl, An" 69; "Our Little Ghost" /p/i 68; "Our Little Newsboy" /i 68; "Ripple" /i 70; "Song for a Christmas Tree, A" /p/i 67; "Sunshiny Sam" /i 68; "Tessa's Surprises" /i 68; "Tilly's Christmas" /i 68; "Visit to the School- Ship, A" /i 69; "Will's Wonder-Book" 68

James Edward Alexander (1803-1885) [from L'Acadie] "Servants in America" 50

*Almira, "Voice Among the Leaves" /i 48

American Messenger, "'All the Same a Hundred Years Hence'" /i 67; "Power of Silence, The" 53

Andersen, "Top and Ball" 47

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) "Tales from Denmark: The Swan" /i 47; "Tales from Denmark: The Swans" 47

*Anna, "Grateful Dog, The" 56; "Little Alice" 53

*Annette, "Kind Echoes" 60

Annie, "Happy New Year to the Children, A" /p 66

Annie Armstrong, "Disobedience" 50; "Lonely Grave, The" /i 49; "'Love Your Enemies'" 49

Timothy Shay Arthur (1809-1885) as T. S. Arthur, "What Shall I Do?" 45

Arthur's Magazine, "Good are Beautiful, The" 56; "'Try Company', The" 62

George Francklin Atkinson [from Pictures from the North] "St. Petersburg Anecdote, A" 51

Attractions of Language, "Power of Thought" 45

Auburn Daily Advertiser, "To Ann" /p 48

John James Audubon (1785-1851) [from Mr. Audubon's Notes on the Rattlesnake] "Squirrel and Rattlesnake, The" 44

Berthold Auerbach (1812-1882); and Eliza Buckminster Lee, [from The Little Barefoot] "Children Knock, The" /i 67

Augusta, "Joyful Spring, The" /i 55

Aunt Ann, "Cruelty to Animals" /i 59; "First Discoverers of the Northwest Passage" 57; "Horned Owl, The" 59

*Aunt Lizzie, "Our Pet Kitten" /p 62; "True Story for Boys, A" 54

Aunt Louise, "Where is Bennie?" /p 68; "Wishes" /p 68

Aunt Lovicy, "Life" 64; "Twilight Vision, The" /i 65

*Aunt Martha, "About Birds" /i 61; "Lines to a Friend" /p 63; "My Oxalis" /p 64; "Ruby--A True Story" /i 61; "Winter's Going" /p 63

Aunt Mattie, "Aunt Minerva" /p 60; "Harry Hatchet's Dog" 57

Aunt Milly, "Song of the Spring, A" /p 69

Aunt Minnie, "Little Pets" /i 54

Aunt Patsey, "Museum Alphabet, The" /p 60

Aunt Sophie, "Leaf Blown from Fairy-Land, A" 72

Aunt Upton, "Clouds, The--A Dialogue" 48; "Stars, The--A Dialogue" 48

Helen V. Austin, "First Falsehood, The" /i 61

B., "Little Dog Toby and the White Pitcher" /i 56

B., "May Offering, The" /p 46

A. J. B., "Little Lesson, Learned from a Rain-Drop" 64

B. B., "Bierstadt, a Living Artist" 72; "Childhood of Famous Men, The" 72

C. B., "Walnut, The" 71

C. L. B., "Little Shoes, The" 63

C. P. B., "Christmas Tree, The" /p/i 59

H. C. S. B., "History of a Gold Dollar" 57

I. B. B., "Panther Story, A" 57

J. B. B., "Bear Story, A, 59

L. A. B., "Kite, The" /p 68

M. B., "Five Sisters of York, The" 72; "Green Vault" 70

M. L. B., "Timotheus" 71

N. B., "Little Sue" /p 64

Nellie M. B., "Departed Friends" /p 64

P. B., "Song for May Morning" /p 46

P. A. B., "Herr Winter" /i 59

S. P. B., "Uncle Paul's Secret" 72

W. C. B., "Charlie White and the Pea-nuts" 53

Y. B., "First Slide, The" 65

Backwoods, "About Sluggards" /p 66

Charlotte Alice Baker (1833-1909) as Alice Baker, C. Alice Baker, C. A. Baker, "Doctor's Little Girl, The" 70; "Pictures from French History" 69; "Pilgrim Fathers, The" 71; "Story of a Royal Bengal Tiger, and How He Proved His Claim to the Title" 68

*Julia Perkins Pratt Ballard (1828-1894) as Kruna; "After the Holidays" 65; "Alice Wilson's Motto" /i 61; "Aunt Emily's Tea-Set" 65; "Aunt Friendly and Her Little Musicians" 62; "Aunt Martha's Hospitality" 63; "Birthday Party" /i 63; "Boys' 'Fourth-of-July', The" /p/i 65; "Bride of the Spirit-Island, The" /p 67; "Brightest Side, The" /i 61; "Broken Sled, The" /i 67; "Candy-Drawer, The" /i 67; "Fourth of July, 1866" /p/i 66; "Games for All" /i 65; "Harry's Twilight Thoughts" /p/i 66; "I am the Family Cat" /p/i 65; "Jessie and Her Fawn" /p/i 63; "Julia's First Fish" /i 64; "Katie's Christmas Gifts" /p/i 67; "Kitty's Walk for Flowers" /i 65; "Lake, The" /i/p 65; "Learning to Read" /i 63; "Little Allie Winters" /i 66; "Little Boy and Jack Frost, The" /p 63; "Little Boy to His Only Sister, A" /p/i 60; "Lost Will, The" /p/i 66; "Love and Memory" /i 64; "Lucy and Daisy" /p/i 65; "Nellie at the Window" /p/i 65; "Nestlings, The" /i/p 60; "Never Forgotten" /p 65; "New-Year's Surprise, The" /i 64; "Orphan Queen, The" /p/i 66; "'Poor Little Trill'" /i 64; "Popping Corn" /p/i 67; "Prize, The" /p/i 65; "Rose, and Her 'Cabinet' of Shells" /i 67; "Shadows" /p/i 66; "Silvertone and Slate" /i 66; "Soldier Boy, The" /p 65; "Soldier's Return, The" /i 65; "'Suffer the Little Children'" /i/p 64; "Summer Car-Riding" /p 67; "Two Burials, The" /p 67; "Watch for the Dove" /p/i 66; "Watch" /p 67; "What Does B, C, D Spell?" /i 66; "What the 'Little Throne' Said" /i 65

Anna Laetitia Barbauld (1743-1825) as Mrs. Barbauld, "How to Get Rich" 61; "Lines Placed Over a Chimney Piece" /p 44; "Written on a Boy's Marble" /p 44

Charles Barnard (1838-1920) "Fog-Bell, The" 72

Kate D. W. Barnes, as Kate Cameron, "Land Without a Storm, A" /s, 62; "Up and Doing" /p 70; "We Should Hear the Angels Singing" /p 71

Barrett, poem, 45

John Barrow (1808-1898) [from A Visit to Iceland] Icelanders, 60

Bart., "Mercy" /p 60; "Tongue, The" /p 60

George Bradford Bartlett (1832-1896) "Little Brown House, The" /p 69

Charlotte Fiske Bates (1838-1916) "Child's Question, The" /p 71

Mrs. Lydia Baxter (1809-1874) "Happy Song, The" /s, 63; "We are Coming, Blessed Saviour" /s, 64; "Young Pilgrims" /p/i 65

Charles Bayard, "Voyage of the Salt Mackerel" 72

Mary Bedford, "Song of the Wild Flower, The" /p 69

*Mattie Bell, "Children's Stories" /p 63; "Gentle Words" /p/i 58; "Hope" /p 61; "I Love Them All" /p 59; "In Search of the Golden Fleece" /p 61; "Little Four-Toes" 59; "Little Rover" /p/i 58; "Of What is the Alphabet Composed" /p 58; poem, 58; poem, 60; "Read, and You Will Know" /p 63; "Rhymes for the Months" /p 59; "Sleigh- Riding" /p 60; "Snow Flakes" /p 59; "Song" /p 59; "Spark of Fire, The" /p 59; "Spring" /p 58; "Story for Robin, A" /p/i 63; "Sunny Hours" /p 60; "Winter" /i/p 59

Fannie Benedict, "First Snow" /p 70; "How a Good Dinner was Lost" /i 71

Berkeley, "New Year's Morning" /i 67

Katherine Bertha, "Nestlings, The" /p 69

Peggy Betsey, "Adventures in New York" /i 48; "Another Letter from New York" 49; "Persian Story, A" 48; "Peter and His lady-Bugs" 50; "Two Sides of a Picture" 49

Edward Bickersteth (1786-1850) as Bickersteth, "Bible, The" /i 47

Emer Birdsey, "Coal of Fire, A" /i 69; "Little Freedman, The" 69; "Wiry Will; or, The Snow-Man" /i 69

*Black-Eyed Teddie, "Rule for Making Enigmas" 58

*Black-Eyes, "Christmas Sketch, A" 57

Blackwood, "Confession, The" /p 46

Blair, advice, 49

Laman Blanchard, "Bird-Catcher, The" /p/i 56

*Blue-Eyed Lora, "Enigma" 65; "Our Soldiers" /p 64; "Veteran's Farewell, The" /p 65

*Blue-Eyed Minna, also Blue-Eyed-Minnie, "Counsel from the Stars" /p 56; "Eve" /p 57; "Fire" 60; "Flowers" /p 56; "Memories of Childhood" /p 57; "Nameless Old Woman, The" 60; "Pictures from Old Marblehead" 60; poem, 57; poem, 59; "Stars, The" /p 55; "To My Father" /p 58; "Two Graves, The" /p 60

Bonaparte, aphorism, 56

H. Bonar, "Pilgrim's Song, A" /p 60

Rev. Dr. Bonar, "Little While, A" /p 58

*H. Rose Bond, "Our Garret" /p 57; "Winter" /p 57

Boston Cultivator, "Counsels to Youth" 63

Boston Traveller, "Anecdote of Daniel Webster" 53; "Return of Reason" 49

Helen Louisa Bostwick (1826-1907) "'Little Dandelion'" /p 62

Rev. Francis Bottome (1823-1894) as Rev. F. Bottome, "Song for the New Year" /p/i 63

Caroline Bowles, "Blessing on a Child" /p 43

John G. Brainard (1796-1828) as J.G. Brainard, "Epithalamium" /p 45

Fredrika Bremer (1801-1865) as Miss Bremer, "Hopes and Fears" 52

Sarah P. Brigham, "Bumps and Bruises" 70; "Giant in the Path, The" 71; "My Story" /i 72; "Thief in the Pantry, A" /i 72

Browne, "Briers and Berries" /p 41

Browne, philosophical filler, 45

Sir Thomas Browne, Nature, 54

Henry Howard Brownell (1820-1872) as H. H. Brownell, "Long Ago" /p 47

William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878) as W.C. Bryant, William C. Bryant, "Hours, The" /p 52; "Robert of Lincoln" /p/i 56

Buck's Anecdotes, "Relaxation" 45

*Buckeye Boy, "Emigration" /p 58; "Go Ahead" /p 59; "Our Museum" /p 57; "'Practice at the Bar'" 58; "'There is a Silver Lining to Every Cloud'" /p 58; "Week in the Country, A" /i 59

Buckland, "Wonders of Geology" /i 48

Bulfinch, F.V., "Golden Spike!, The" /p 69

Bulwer, aphorism, 53; aphorism, 55

George Washington Bungay (1818-1892) as G.W. Bungay, George W. Bungay, "Bootblacks" /i 67; "Frog and the Snake, The" 66; "How to Be Beautiful" 66; "Otsquago Creek" /p 67; "Ragged Boy, The" /p 67; "Red, White, and Blue" /p 62

M. F. Burlingame, "Castles in the Air" /p 70; "Clara's Sorrow" /i 70; "Duck" 71; "Young Doctors, The" 70

Miss Jeannie Burns, "Snow Flakes" /p/i 67

Robert Burns (1786-1857) "John Anderson, My John" /p/i 55

Bus., poem, 57

Butler, "Owl, The" /p/i 47

Christian Byrde, "Brave Maiden of Nancy, The" /i 72

B. C. J. C., "Song of Harmony, The" /i 71

B. K. C., "Boy's Bargain, A" 71

C. C., "Victory at Last" /p 65

C. A. C., "Honesty is the Best Policy" 56; "Who was the Coward?" /i 56

C. W. C., "My Mother" /p 61; /p 67

E. G. C., "Merry Christmas" /i 71; "Stitching and Teaching" /i 71

G. C. (and Francis C. Woodworth) "Horned Frog, The" /i 59

G. W. C., "Adventures of a Mouse, The, 54

H. R. C., "Lesson in Entemology" 56

J. F. C., "Story of a Street Urchin, The" 72

L. J. C., "How to Write a Letter" 69; "Lesson in Declamation, The" 71

O. E. C., "Soldier's Daughter, The" /i/p 61

T. T. C., "Nocturne" /s, 63

Cabinet of Natural History, and American Field Sports, "Bear and Panther, The" 44

Susie Caldwell, "To My Baby Brother" /i/p 66

Capt. Jesse's Travels, "Anecdotes of Storks" 43

Capt. Reid's Adventures in Southern Mexico, "Monkey-Bridge, A" 51

Carey, "Origin of the Red Rose" /p 48

Carrington's Commissionaire, "Nice Girls" /i 60

*Kitty Carroll, "About Furs" 71; "About Words" 71; "About Writing Materials" 70; "Another Chapter on Names" 69; "April, and the Other Months" 71; "Curious Plants" 71; "Curious Things About Flowers" 70; "Embroidery" 72; "Forks and Pins" 70; "Furs and Feathers" 71; "Legends and Facts About Precious Stones" 71; "More About Your Name" 69; "Scraps from English History" 71; "Shoes and Stockings" 70; "Something About Your Name" 69; "Where Did the Roses Come From?" 70; "Writing Composition" 69

Mrs. Carter, as Elsie Gorham, "Homesick" 72

Alice Cary (1820-1871) "Declamation" /p 71; "Song for Our Soldiers" /p/i 64

Phoebe Cary (1827-1871) "Drawing Water" /p 61; "That Calf!" /p/i 71

Chambers's Journal, "Philosophical Showman, The" /i 45; "Sports of the Fireside" 49

*Laura Chapman(b. 1822) as Laura, "Letter from a Correspondent" 42

F. Cheseboro, "How Charley Ran Away" /i 71; "How Johnny Became a Newsboy" /i 69; "Nut, A" /i 72; "Prince's Fortunes and Misfortunes" /i 70; "Squanko" /i 70

Chicago Journal, "Spring Fashions for 1858--In-Doors and Out" 58

Mrs. Lydia Maria Francis Child (1802-1880) as Mrs. Child, "Little Bird! Little Bird!" /s, 47; "Little Bird! Little Bird!" /p 72; "To a Little Girl, Walking in the Wood" /p 47; [from Mrs. Child's Letters from New York] "Warm-hearted Boy, A" 51

Children's Friend, "Bad Mark, A" 57

Shirley Clair, "My Little Girl" 71

Clara, "Happy Christmas, The" 53

Clarke, Dr. Adam (1760?-1832) "Christians Mingling with the World" 64

Alexander Clark, "To a Comet" /p 56

Benjamin Clarke (1813-1890) "Lion the Fire Dog" /i 71

Rebecca Sophia Clarke (1833-1906) as Sophie May, "All-Fools' Day" 63; "Barbara Blythe" 61; "Brother Towler" /i 62; "Caroline Thorpe" /i 63; "Children's 'Old Times'" /i 64; "Cooking a Ghost" /i 67; "Elva Seeking Her Fortune" 65; "Fairy of the Forest, The" 64; "Good Old Times" /i 61; "Ida's Birthday" 64; "Iron Egg, The" /i 65; "Joggo at School" /i 63; "Little Captain, The" /i 64; "Little Hatchet" /i 61; "Nervous Henrietta" 62; "Old Lady Satterlee" /i 63; "Out On the Ocean" /i 64; "Two May Queens, The" /i 63; "White Rabbit, The" /i 63; "Wild Oats" 66

Vina Clifford, "Reconciliation, The" 66

*Clio, "Sonnet--Spring" /p 59

Caroline W. Cobb, "Charcoal Burners, The" /i 71

William Cobbett (1763-1835) as Wm. Cobbett, "Will and the Way, The" 52

Miss R. Coe, as Leila Lee, "Great Truths in Little Words" 63

R. Coe, Jr., "Our Little Boy" /p 48

C. C. Coffin, "How to Do It" 64

*William Hoyt Coleman (1840-after 1920) as W.H.C., Willie H. Coleman, "Puzzle" 55; "Charter Oak, The" /i 56; "Cold Snap of January 10th, The" 59; "Dog's Tail, A" 59; "Dr. Kane's Boat--The Faith" 59; "Retrospectum; The Chat in By-Gone Days" 58; "Willie H. Coleman's Letter" /i 56

Coleridge, "History" 45; filler, 55

Minna Columbine, "Our Baby" /p 56

*Sara Conant, also as S.C., "Commodore's Sailing Orders, The" /i 72; "Holiday Luck" /i 72; "Nellie Clinton's Maying" 72; "Nino" /i 72; "What Ben and the Twins Did for Chicago" 71

Conscience, "Warning Bell, The" /p 58

George Cooper, "Little Home-Body" /p 71; "Sailing the Boats" /p 71

Cora, "Song of Autumn" /p 49

*Coralie, "Katie" /p 63

Cosmopolite, "Miss Pappoo" 44

Courier, "Massachusetts" 48

Cousin Ada, "Fairy Cobbler, The" /i 64

Cousin Carrie, "Lizzie's Patchwork" /i 59

Cousin Dora, "Jessie's Pennies" /i 69

Cousin Hannah, "Annette and the Watch" /i 60; "Chestnutting" /i 57; "Hardy Jones' Talisman" /i 60; "Harry Hatchet's Dog" /i 57; "Indian's Captive, The" /i 59; "May-Day" /i 57; "Uncle Hiram's Library" 57

Cousin Isaac, "'Merry' Family, The" /p 69

*Cousin Jennie, "Summer Rain" /p 67; "Sunshine" /p 66

Cousin John, "Village Gossip" /i 55

Cousin Lottie, "Cougar, The" /i 61

Cousin M., "Friendly Talk with the Young Folks, A" 57

Cousin Mary, "George Stephenson, the Engineer" /i 68; "Palissy, the Potter" 68

Cousin Will, "Word to the Merry Family, A" 60

Cousin Zaydee, "Indians Cooking Venison" /i 61; "Short Chapter on Birds" /i 59

Cowley, filler, 51

Rev. George William Cox (1827-1902) as Rev. George W. Cox, "Mythology" 67

Mrs. Louisa T. Cragin as Ellis Gray, "Grandmother's Childhood" /p 72; "Robin's Last Call" /p 72' "Silver and Gold" /p/i 72

G. L. Cranmer, "Plain Gold Ring, The" 63

Miss Fanny Crosby (1820-1915) "Our Fathers Long Ago" /s, 64; "Flag of the Free, The" /s, 66

Cruikshank's Comic Almanac for 1846, "Blighted Potato, The" /p 46

George Washington Cutter (1801?-1865) as Geo. W. Cutter, "Song of Steam, The" /p 49

William C. Cutter (1801-1867) as Hiram H., Hiram Hatchet, Uncle Hiram, "Butterfly, The" /i/p 56; "Cats-paw" /i 56; "Charley and His Boat" /i/p 56; "Cold Water" /p/i 66; "Cold Water" /p/i 56; "Enigma" /p 55; "Enormous Trees" /i 58; (and Susannah Newbould) "Faith" /p/i 56; "First View of the Sea, The" /i 52; "Friend Hatchet's Enigma" /p 54; "Kite-Flying" /p/i 56; "Language of Flowers, The" /i/p 57; "Mike Smiley" 57; "Music and Love" /s, 59; "Nest Builders, The" /p/i 57; "Old Village Church, The" /i/p 56; poem, 56; "Skating--Woman's Rights" /i/p 57; "Smoke and the Kite, The" 58; (and S.C.S.) "Spider Drowned Out, A" /i 58; "Steam Music" 56; "Summit House, The" /i 56; "Telegraph--Its Secret, The" /p 56; "Water Song" /i/p 56; "Will and a Way, A" /p/i 56

D., "Answer, An" /p 65

L. M. D., "Davy Boys' Fishing-Pond, The" /i 70

T. E. D., "Song of the Rose, The" /p 70

Dorothy Dale, "My Spanish Hens" 72

*Henry Augustus Danker (1843?-1864) "Birds of New York" 61-62; "Chickadee, The" 60; "Jays, The" /i 61

Mary Greenleaf Darling (b. 1848) as Mary G. Darling, "Battles at Home" 70; "Bennie" /i 72; [from In the World] "Boat Race, The" /i 71; "How Tommy Coale Became a Character" 71; "In the Barn" /p 71; "Little Wings" /p/i 72; "Myra's Thanksgiving" 72; "What That Coast Cost" 71

Edward W. Davison, "Hunter's Escape, The" 61

Mrs. S. E. Dawes, "Dialogue, A" 71

H. C. Deakin, "Bird's Nest, The" /p/i 54

Deck and Port, "Rat Story" 50

*Delia, "Dick Allen's Victory" 66

Rev. C. W. Denison, "Oh! I'll Be a Good Child" /i/s, 59

Mary Andrews Dennison (182--1922) as Mrs. Mary A. Dennison, "Little Nell" 61; "Our Common Schools Forever!" /p 62

Sarah Des Brisay, "Jack the Fly-Killer" 71

C. Deslys, "Sugar Poodle, The" 71

Dewdrop, "At Evening Prayer" /p/i 65

Dickens' Household Words, "Communication of Ideas Among Cattle" 53

Francis Dickins, "Answer to Riddle on Page 216" /p 54

Bishop George Washington Doane (1799-1859) "Stand Like an Anvil" /i 62

*Mary Mapes Dodge (1831-1905) as M. E. D., Mary D., "Daughter's Gift, The" 62; "Indian Friend, The" 64; "Learning to Smoke" /i 63; "Little Willie's Lesson" 66; "Merry-Opticon, The" /i 66; "Noble Institution" /p 66; "Regulators, The" /i 64; "Tom and the Bantams" /i 63; "Two Rides, The" /i 63; "Willie's Day" /p 64

Ann Jane Dunn Douglas, as Mrs. George Cupples, "John Stocks and 'The Bison'" /i 70

Marian Douglas, "Ant-Hills" /p 71; "Heart's Ease" /s/i 71; "Snow Man, The" /p 71

*Down East Girl, "Summer" /p 63

Dr. Hawks' Narrative of Japan Expedition, "Elephantine Wrestlers of Japan" 57

Driven to Sea, "Norrie Seton's Adventure on the Island of Juan Fernandez" /i 70

*Elfie Dryad, "Old Mill, The" /p/i 62

Dryden, aphorism, 52; [from Virgil] 47

Dudley, "Author's Children, The" 66

John Dyer (1700?-1758) "Grongar Hill" /p 45

E., "'Mamma Knows Best'" /p 63

E., "Saratoga Springs" 59

E., "Willie's 'To-Morrow'" /i 66

A. M. E., "Christmas" /p/i 60

B. E. E., "My Picture" /p 72

C. H. E., "In Peril" 72

E. E., "My Mother's Stories" 70

F. F. E., "Birds" /i 71; "Iceland and Its Inhabitants" /i 72

J. E., "Cold in the Well, The" 65; "Jealous Gose, The" 65; "Jewish Eel, A" 65; "School-Girls' Christmas-Eve, The" /i 66; "Seafaring Cats" 65

K. E., "Elsie's Ear-Rings" 69

*Charles M. Eames (1845-1887) as C. M. E., Sigma, "Life and Services of John O--" 64; "Reminiscences of My Pets" 65; "Trip to St. Louis, A" 64; "Western 'Thanksgiving' Night, A" /i 65

Eastern Tales, "Hassan the Wise" 52

Matilda C. Edwards, "Whippoorwill" /p 72

T. S. Ekells, "'Let Me Die in Their Presence'" 59

*Ella, "Observations from My Window" 59

*Ellen, "Grandma's House" /i 51

*Ellian, "Anna Hathaway's Tales" 60-62; "Maiden's Dream, The" /p/i 62; Mirth, /p 61; "'Sunny Side', The" /p 61

Ebenezer Elliot, "Rub or Rust" /p 52

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