For My Youngest Readers” offers a poetic invitation to a bird, which originally appeared in another periodical. Reprinting works from other periodicals was a common practice among early 19th-century American magazines; Parley’s Magazine was itself often reprinted. Two children’s magazines called Rose Bud were published in 1833, one in Massachusetts; the poem was likely reprinted from Caroline Gilman’s periodical, published in South Carolina.
“For My Youngest Readers,” reprinted from the Rose Bud (from Parley’s Magazine, 14 September 1833; p. 17)

Little bird, roam

Quick to my home.

I’ll give you to eat,

Every thing sweet;

Sugar and cake,

I’ll save for your sake;

Melon and plum,

You shall have some;

A peach and a pear,

And every thing rare;

Some straw for your nest,

And what you like best;

A nice little house,

As snug as a mouse.

Come away from the tree,

And live here with me;

I will give you a brush,

To smooth down each feather,

And brother shall hush,

While we sing together.

Come away from the tree,

And live here with me.

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