This review of Fern Leaves from Fanny’s Portfolio was printed in The Student; it probably describes the first collection.
Review of Fern Leaves from Fanny’s Portfolio (from The Student, September 1853; p. 159)

Fern Leaves From Fanny’s Portfolio. With Illustrations. 12mo, 400 pages. Published by Derby & Miller, Auburn, and Derby, Orton & Mulligan, Buffalo.

In her preface Fanny declares that she had no intention of writing a book, and that even herself is puzzled at the appearance of one from her pen. The secret of this is, the author, under the nom de plume of Fanny Fern, a little more than a year since, began to write very spicy articles for the Boston Olive Branch, and a few other papers, which attracted considerable attention from their singular style and plainness of speech. She continued these brief sketches from week to week, and soon they increased so as to fill a volume, and at the request of the publishers of Fern Leaves she collected them, adding, also, some fresh leaves, and thus came the volume before us.

Have you read it? If not, you have a treat yet to enjoy; and if you do not pay it the compliment of many a laugh, and of tears too, we shall conclude that you are not very “feelingful,” as Frederika Bremer says.

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