Talk to me
Talk to me

Please write to me, especially if you're related to one of the authors featured at this site, or listed in the indexes I've put up; or if you're related to the subject of one of the pieces I have up; or if you know more about a topic than it seems I do (entirely probable); or if you'd like to use the material; or if you'd like to comment on the site; or if you'd like more information on subjects in relation to this site; ....


... DO NOT ASK ME TO LINK TO YOUR SITE unless it's a living-history museum devoted to American culture from 1800-1872.

... please don't ask how much your book is worth, because the answer will be $5. I'm a collector, not a dealer. Even if it's a first edition, & even if Gutenberg printed it himself, the value will be $5, in tribute to a fabulous bookseller who, every time I hauled out something that didn't have a price on it, would tell me, "Five bucks." (How I miss him....)

... please don't ask for transcriptions. I'm so back-logged with my own projects, I'll be seeing out this century before I'm done. (I will take suggestions for things you'd like to see at the site, but I can't work under deadline.)

... please don't ask me to do research for you. I don't actually have time to do my own research, so I no longer can take on anyone else's. If you're researching American children's magazines, take a look at Children's Periodicals of the United States or at some of the works in the bibliography I've compiled. If you want to know the years something was published, the online catalogs for the Library of Congress ( & the American Antiquarian Society ( are good places to look.

... please don't ask about publications after 1872. Weird as it sounds, they don't interest me, so I don't pay attention to them, & you won't get a good answer. The works at the 20th-century Annex are no exception: I'm just providing transcriptions.

... please don't ask about things printed outside the U. S.. My specialty is American Studies, & I don't study children's magazines from other countries, so I'll be no help to you.

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