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A winter girl & prehistoric creatures
A pleasant scene & a wall of paper
The alphabet & a celebration of reading
Samuel Goodrich & a joke trompe l’oeil
Trompe l’oeil patriotism & the Civil War
John Dunn Hunter & some photos of children

Merrycoz.org just abhors a naked desktop. In an effort to beautify computers everywhere, I offer wallpapers made from images available at this site. Wallpapers work nicely on smaller screens; set the image to “stretch.” Enjoy!

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“Cold Weather”
1280 x 960 | 1280 x 800

An over-sized image of a winter-clad charmer from the title page of Parley’s Magazine’s bound volume for 1838, warmed by some sepia toning

prehistoric creatures
“A Former State of This Earth”: Fossils in Early American Works for Children
1024 x 768

The “splash page” for the online exhibit. The image on the right is one of the first dinosaur pictures published for American children.

a pleasant scene
A pleasant scene
1280 x 960 | 1280 x 800

A play on the medium
(“Chopped up” photo from an image archive)

magazines wallpaper
A paper wallpaper
800 x 600 1280 x 960

Covers & mastheads from 60+ years of periodicals are “de-aged” & pasted into wallpaper. The 800 x 600 version tiles nicely.

alphabet wallpaper
“Antelope to Zebra”
1024 x 768

The alphabet according to “Cousin Sarah’s” Stories for Children

reading wallpaper
“Plenty of books, and very good cheer”
1280 x 960 | 1280 x 800

A celebration of reading and books, with a line from a great New Year’s wish (Cloud image from sample included in Paint Shop Pro 7)

About these wallpapers: While this sort of trompe l’oeil painting was produced later in the 19th century, they often included images from earlier that century—and, besides, they’re charming and engaging and hugely fun to fake. (Frames courtesy Paint Shop Pro 7.)

Goodrich wallpaper
“S. G. Goodrich”
1280 x 960 | 1280 x 800

Samuel Goodrich, with some of his creations
What is truth? wallpaper
“What is truth?”
1024 x 768

A bit of a joke piece based on a certain painting in which the real object is pasted onto the canvas next to its painted image. With the passage of time, it’s gotten easier to tell which is which, as the pasted object has degraded while the painted image is pristine—an inadvertent tribute to art as a record of the perishable. Here, a “painted” image of a perfect cover of Parley’s Magazine contrasts with the hard-used original; a “painted” fragment from a “newspaper article” explains the gimmick: “ … the artist asks, ‘What is truth?’ A cover from Parley’s magazine is pasted beside a painting of it, as alike as twins. To guess which is the image and which the true cover would puzzle even the artist.”

John Dunn Hunter
“John Dunn Hunter”
1024 x 768

John Dunn Hunter & his Memoirs, with images of the Osage River & of mid-Missouri grasses (photographed by the owner of the web site)

photographs of children wallpaper
“Life imitates Art imitating Life”
1280 x 960

Look long enough, & you’ll find pictures that mirror photos—or, vice versa. Amusingly, most of the photographs postdate their twins, implying that sometimes life does imitate art. Many of the illustrations are from Nancy Sproat’s Ditties for Children.

e pluribus unum wallpaper
“E Pluribus Unum,” by Frederick Thomas Mygatt
1280 x 960

A marvelous pen & ink trompe l’oeil drawn in 1830 by a 19-year-old

Civil War wallpaper
“Where Slavery is, there Liberty cannot be”
1280 x 960

The American Civil War: Liberty triumphant
“Old Abe, the War Eagle,” ex-slaves, Union soldiers, & celebration, with a quote from Charles Sumner, the Massachusetts senator attacked on the floor of the Senate by a cane-wielding Southern senator who took issue with some of Sumner’s remarks

These images produced with Paint Shop Pro, with Super BladePro.
Wallpapers are copyrighted and are for personal use only.

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